LBR TRAINING is a World Class, Professional Personal Training and Strength & Conditioning business, servicing the greater Ottawa area. Our exceptional 3 level 3000sqft  private training studio, massage therapy clinic, and strength and conditioning space, allows us to be a complete health center. OUR trainers, coaches, and therapists, all have extensive backgrounds in sports, science, and physical education. WE strive to inspire and educate our clients and athletes to achieve and maintain healthy lifestyles. Through precision customized training programs WE can help you achieve YOUR goals. We pride ourselves on providing Ottawa’a best personal training, nutrition programs, sports coaching, yoga, and massage. Book a session, bootcamp, or sports camp and see what it is like to


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Our dedicated Personal Trainers, Sports Conditioning, Nutritional Coaches, and Massage Therapists

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Lawrence Ringwald, Owner and Managing Director

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Lawrence is a former international Track & Field Athlete. Certified in Strength & Conditioning, Track & Field Coaching, and Personal Training. Lawrence now lives in Ottawa and dedicates his time to helping others achieve personal fitness goals. A featured contributor at, Lawrence is constantly expanding his training knowledge and sharing with others. Get quality life changing results that last by hiring Lawrence. For the most dedicated Personal Trainer and Coach in Ottawa, look no further.

B.A. Highest Honours Carleton University

B.Sc. Southeastern Louisiana University

USATF Coaching Level 1

Certified Personal Trainer CPTN-CPT

Personal Training Specialist CanFitPro

Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach NSCA

NCAA Coaching and Leadership Certification Utah State University

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Corbin Williams, LBR Trainer

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One of Ottawa’s top trainers, Corbin is motivated by a passion for health and fitness and a love of helping people reach their personal goals. He’s been involved in exercise and nutrition since 1999, working as a personal trainer since 2006, and services clients of all ages.

His areas of expertise ranges from weight loss, functional strength, increasing energy, to chronic pain management. He provides corrective exercise for those looking to improve their posture and has been successful in permanently relieving low back pain when other specialists have failed. He is a big believer in a logical, progressive approach to health and fitness, and he uses a detailed series of assessments to ensure that general and core strength, joint range-of-motion, and posture are constantly being improved. His programs consist of both strength training, flexibility, and personalized nutritional guidance.

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Andrew Carter, LBR Trainer

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Andrew comes to LBR with 15 years experience as personal trainer and fitness coach at Florida Fitness, Glebe Fitness, and Bally Fitness Club. Andrew specializes in dramatic body transformations of weight loss & muscle gain with customized meal plans. As a former professional athlete, Andrew Carter is no stranger to the dedication one needs to maintain peak physical fitness. His key attribute that has helped his clients is, he knows how to motivate and empower any individual and bring the best out of them. As a high school football coach, he has honed his patient and attentive style to training. he relishes the chance to help people who are new to training. If you would love to achieve fast and durable fitness results, look no further than Andrew Carter, and contact him today.

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Carly McGhie, LBR Yoga Instructor 
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Carly has lived an active lifestyle from an early age as sports held her center focus. While growing up she competed in almost every sport eventually gravitating towards basketball, resulting in her playing 4 years at the collegiate level. Carly’s love for sports continues with both soccer and basketball making a consistent appearance in her monthly schedule. She never shies away from the excitement of a challenge; striving daily to live life to it’s fullest.

It wasn’t until after her college years that Carly discovered her own draw to the practice of yoga, which is what ultimately lead her to her current path as an instructor. With over 8 years of personal experience practicing yoga and attending workshops/training sessions; Carly’s developed a philosophy that we are all students of life working towards a common goal to achieve optimal living. Yoga has become more than just a practice for her, which is reflected in her teaching. You can trust you’ll be led in a direction that will open and strengthen the body safely and deeply. Her underlying drive as a teacher and student is to elevate all aspects of life; Mind, Body and Health.

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Jessie Melo, LBR Trainer
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Jessie is an extremely versatile trainer with over 10 years of experience. Jessie is proficient in many different aspects of his clients fitness journey including weight loss, strength training and nutrition. However, he specializes in movement and joint health and he believes that functional movement can not be created with dysfunctional joints as prerequisites must first be attained. Jessie believes through successful experiences with many of his clients, he can help you improve performance, mitigate injuries, relieve and possibly remove pain all together. Jessie utilizes the Functional Range Systems® and is currently the only trainer in Ottawa that has the ability to use its Functional Range Assessment (FRA)™, which has been utilized by so many professional teams. Jessie promises a very educational experience with the ability to make the body work well again so you may achieve your fitness goals and live pain-free. Age is not an excuse, time is based on your priorities and your actions represent your priorities.

George Brown
Fitness and Lifestyle Management
Functional Range Assessment Practitioner
Functional Range Mobility Specialist
Certified Kettlebell Instructor
Beginner Boxing Coach

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Jose Perez Alvarez, LBR Trainer

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José is a passionate trainer who constantly strives to improve his fitness and nutrition knowledge. Always searching for new ideas, José is eager to implement training techniques not found in your average gym. José has competitive experience in Men’s physique and he is an avid spin instructor. More recently, José is focused on injury rehabilitation and exploring the combination of Pilates with traditional weight training techniques. Working out with José is demanding and entertaining as he strives to bring out the best in his clients with every unique session. In addition to private training, José also instructs some of our BOOTCAMP and SANDBELL training classes where he is a studio favourite with clients. You can learn more about José by visiting his personal website

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Andrew Marshall, LBR Trainer 
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Andrew is a Grey Cup Champion with the Ottawa REDBLACKS and a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist. By combining his experience as a professional athlete and his sports science knowledge Andrew is able to design workouts that are fun, effective and unlock the inner athlete of his clients. Whether you are looking to improve athletic performance, improve mobility, or reduce pain Andrew will be able to help you achieve your goal. Contact Andrew today to start training like a champion.

B.A. Simon Fraser University

Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist-NSCA

Health and Fitness Certificate Simon Fraser University

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Jennifer Pike, MA RHN, LBR Yoga Instructor
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Jennifer Pike (MA, RHN) is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Yoga Teacher, and Wellness Lifestyle Coach who empowers clients to take charge of their own health naturally.

Jennifer carefully analyzes her clients’ diets to identify common dietary health depleters such as nutrient deficiency, malabsorption, and food sensitivities. Jennifer educates her clients on which foods nourish their unique health needs, which foods deplete it, and which lifestyle factors may be at play. Jennifer’s philosophy is simple; when you eat the foods best suited to your unique needs, and other critical areas of your life are in balance, your body finds balance. Please refer to the “Nutrition” section for more details about her services.

Jennifer has also been practicing yoga for over fifteen years, and is one of LBR’s yoga instructors. Her classes combine creative sequencing with simple, safe alignment to help students feel balanced and strong both physically and mentally.

Contacts: (613) 296-1972 or

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Jonathon Rennalls, LBR Trainer

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Jonathon is a former soccer player and wrestler who turned his passion for sport and fitness into a career in the wellness industry.

For over 6 years, Jonathon has worked with a wide variety of clients in helping them attain their fitness goals. From complete beginners to seasoned gym-goers, he helps his clients shed a few pounds and improve their functional strength. With his advanced education and experience, he has also worked with Olympic and collegiate-level athletes looking to increase strength, power, and conditioning to further their athletic careers. At Canadore College where he was the Assistant Strength Coach with the men’s and women’s Soccer teams, Jonathon provided targeted training programs with the aim of increasing speed and endurance. In addition to his team coaching experience, Jonathon has  more then 6 years of experience as a Personal Trainer at local gyms, including Glebe Fitness, Top Shape, and Greco Lean and Fit, where he created and facilitated small and large group Boot Camps and one on one Personal Training programs.

Jonathon is a Graduate of the Sport and Strength Conditioning program at Canadore College. With a keen interest in Powerlifting, he specializes in Strength Development and Sports Conditioning, High Intensity Interval Training and functional movement training, and is constantly working to expand his coaching knowledge and challenge his coaching skills with new clients.

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Irene DeHaan, Certified Personal Trainer

Irene’s passion for performance and optimum health began more than 20 years ago with competitive rock climbing and has extended to cycling, CrossFit and now Olympic Weightlifting.  That passion for being strong and healthy—and her desire to help others achieve their health and fitness goals—led her to realize the lifelong dream of being a personal trainer.

Her coaching style empowers her clients to discover their full potential, far exceeding their original goals. She helps them stay motivated and guides them on a path where they feel stronger, healthier and excited about their next workout.

With Irene’s passion for ultimate performance, she’s meticulous in teaching proper form which is an important focus in her sessions, preventing injury and maximizing results for her clients. Her primary areas of interest are strength training, Powerlifting and improving mobility to increase athletic performance.

Whether a newcomer or an elite athlete—or somewhere in between—Irene tailors each session to the individual.

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