Carly McGhie, Certified Yoga Instructor

LBR TRAINING is pleased to offer Ottawa several unique yoga classes. Our goal is to keep class size to a maximum of 10 students while offering yoga styles that emphasize recovery and rejuvenation. Our classes are an excellent way for beginners, intermediate, and advanced students to try something new or enhance existing skills. LBR TRAINING also offers several classes throughout the year that combine the benefits of yoga with running and weight training. We are conveniently located at 66 Main Street in Ottawa and offer a beautiful private yoga experience. Please read our schedule for times and class descriptions or for more info please contact us at

Carly has lived an active lifestyle from an early age as sports held her centre focus. While growing up she competed in almost every sport eventually gravitating towards basketball, resulting in her playing 4 years at the collegiate level. Carly’s love for sports continues with both soccer and basketball making a consistent appearance in her monthly schedule. She never shies away from the excitement of a challenge; striving daily to live life to it’s fullest.

It wasn’t until after her college years that Carly discovered her own draw to the practice of yoga, which is what ultimately lead her to her current path as an instructor. With over 8 years of personal experience practicing yoga and attending workshops/training sessions; Carly’s developed a philosophy that we are all students of life working towards a common goal to achieve optimal living. Yoga has become more than just a practice for her, which is reflected in her teaching. You can trust you’ll be led in a direction that will open and strengthen the body safely and deeply. Her underlying drive as a teacher and student is to elevate all aspects of life; Mind, Body and Health.

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