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We offer world class training from coaches and trainers with international experience.
Train with us in our unique, and private training facility, or from the comfort of your own home.


 LBR Training offers numerous solutions to help you attain a balanced diet to fuel your healthy lifestyle. With our in-house nutrition expert Jennifer Pike and locally sourced business, Naturally Vero, we will help you formulate the right plan to achieve real results


LBR training proudly offers customized online training plans for those with little time or resources. You receive updated workouts with video tutorials directly to your email or the LBR Training App.


We firmly believe in the balance between training, nutrition, spirituality, and recovery. Our Registered Massage Therapists at LBR Training are experienced professionals who help complete our full service suite of personal training and development.



LBR Training offers Women’s only Bootcamp and private personal training classes with packaged pricing. Experience the full benefits of a designed fitness routine that has been prepared to help you achieve your peak level of fitness.


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We provide so many options to train your body, that we are confident you will leave our gym each day with renewed energy and motivation. With our personal trainers, online training, yoga, and our variety of bootcamps, we have everything you need to look and feel your best

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Proper nutrition is at the heart of everything you need to have a healthy body and a healthy mind. With our in-house experts and partners, you will have an affordable plan to help you feel elite and get results you can only dream of.

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Massage Therapy

After training your body to be its best, releasing any tension in your sore and stiff muscles is crucial to your success. Let our experienced certified massage therapist, Catherina Amato, release tension, and dig deep into your muscles to prepare them to build quality muscle, and improve elasticity.

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